Havelaar Bison Electric Pickup Truck Unveiled

Right now, it looks like it’s for Canada only.

byEric Brandt|
Electric Vehicles photo

There’s a new contender in the electric pickup truck game, and it isn’t from one of the big guys. In collaboration with the University of Toronto, the Canadian arm of green mobility technology startup Havelaar has unveiled the all-electric Bison at the 8th EV/VE Conference and Trade Show in Ontario.

Designed and tested in Canada (which is seeing a nice boost in EV sales), this electric truck is built to take on harsh northern winters. It’s all-wheel drive, has a carbon fiber reinforced frame, and claims 54 percent hill start and 21 percent hill climb and full load. The four wheels are powered by a dual-motor electric drivetrain.

In Havelaar’s own words, “The Bison is a sophisticated #nextgen pickup truck with instant connectivity, touch screen display and driver assistive technology calibrated to meet both the day-to-day work demands and active lifestyle needs of adventurers.” Don’t ask us why there’s a hashtag in the official press release.

The truck has a distinct, angular look that doesn’t quite look like any other truck. Havelaar says the truck’s design is “inspired by nature”. The interior is sleek, yet simple with a large touchscreen in the center stack kind of like a Tesla Model S.

The claimed all-electric range is 300 km (186 miles) on a full charge. There are 46 square feet of exterior cargo space with an extra 18 square feet of lockable storage. No word yet on official release or pricing, but this plug-in pickup could be a game changer if and when it hits Canadian roads.