Ford Funds Scholarships for Texas High School Students

Ford has set up a fund and partnered with Texas Ford dealerships to pay for college for hundreds of students.

byChris Constantine|
Ford Funds Scholarships for Texas High School Students

Ford Motor Company has announced that it has raised over $400,000 for scholarships for Texas high school students. 

This is the American car manufacturer's third year of funding college tuition, having already raised millions of dollars since 2015 in the name of education. To do this, Ford set aside a separate division of the Ford Motor Company Fund and worked with its dealerships in Northern Texas to raise money for over 200 high school seniors. It believes that this money will help ensure top tier education for the next generation of car enthusiasts without those children worrying about the difficult financial investments that college entails. 

Ford created its scholarship program in 2012, and has been investing money into it ever since. Called "Driving Dream Tours," Ford is confident that money generated from this project will pave the way for future leaders to succeed in the automotive industry and lead the car world to further innovation. 

Ford also recently created a website called that will be the central hub for educational news and assets for students to utilize. The website and other accomplishments will be showcased at an event in Frisco, Texas in the near future. The event will feature local celebrities and speakers from Ford, who will highlight the company's commitment to education and perseverance. 

Ford isn't the only car company to help students find their way, but it has definitely raised quite a lot of money doing so.