Lamborghini Debuts a Factory Addition Just for the Urus

The SUV gets its own paint plant.

byKevin Tagoe|
Lamborghini Debuts a Factory Addition Just for the Urus


Lamborghini recently weighed its options and has decided to go forwards with making an SUV called the Urus. Lamborghini’s seriousness is underscored by the expansion of their Sant’Agata factory, which will now include a paint plant for the SUV. While not the seen as the best decision by enthusiasts, the Lamborghini SUV still holds the traditions of a marque associated with luxury, performance, exclusivity, and grand design. This is made apparent by the radical styling and performance-oriented specifications. With a 600+ horsepower twin-turbo V8 and the latest in performance drivetrain technology, the Urus will be expected to complete the automaker’s line up in a similar fashion to its predecessor the LM002 when Lamborghini had its flagship Countach supercar and the supporting Jalpa sportscar.

According to LamboCars, the Lamborghini LM002 was the manufacturer’s first successful attempt at making a Lamborghini-manufactured SUV. Before it there was the still-born Cheetah SUV. There was also the predictably-named LM001 – it had its engine mounted in the rear like the Cheetah, but was otherwise totally different. As both experiments were failures, Lamborghini made a third attempt with a front-engine SUV prototype, the LMA002. The LM002 was intended to be the commercial version of the LMA002. Unlike their failed predecessors, the LMA002 and the LM002 would use Lamborghini-sourced engines, specifically adaptations of the Countach V12.

Although highly performance-oriented like the SUVs that came before it, the Urus will thankfully be far sleeker and aesthetically balanced, and Lamborghini’s new paint plant seems to echo a desire to have the Urus be seen as a stylish vehicle.

Aside from extending beyond a sizeable 10,000 square meters, the paint plant will also create 200 new employees for Lamborghini to extend their workforce. Like the Urus, the new paint plant will also feature the latest technologies and encourage strong output and performance efficiency.