2018 Audi Model Line Pricing and Details Revealed for US

Audi announces pricing and features of its latest line of cars with an emphasis on sportiness and customization.

byChris Constantine| UPDATED May 16, 2017 11:59 AM
2018 Audi Model Line Pricing and Details Revealed for US

Audi of America just revealed prices and features of its full range of vehicles in the 2018 lineup. The German company has gone overboard this year with performance updates to their models. From the entry level A3 to the bonkers-fast R8 V10, nearly every car has received an arsenal of technological enhancements. Audi hopes to give its customers more options to make their cars unique while keeping prices reasonable (to Audi that is). However, Audi also graciously made more features standard, so that you won't have to break the bank to add a parking sensor.

The most notable news is that the Q5 and A5 are completely new for 2018, receiving a full range of new features. 

Models from the A series come standard with Audi's basic driver's assist systems, with the  premium models getting Audi's lane-change assist technology. Cars higher up in the price point (A4+) have options for appearance and sports packages, including better brakes, suspension, and wheels. The A6, A7, and A8 will all feature more power and torque as well, to complement those sports packages. 

Audi's crossover sisters, the Q3 and Q7, get similar driver assistance features as standard. The Q3 also gets an updated, slightly sportier look and optional packages for lighting and convenience on the premium models. 

The TT and TTS receive updated parking assists, and packages for better sound systems and new sports appearance options. 

The $160,000+ R8 and its siblings get better smartphone integration and aero packages. The supercars have also been given subtle new and different interior upgrades, depending on whether you opt for the V10 or  V10 Plus