Drive Wire: Tesla’s Model X is Cheaper Than Expected

Tesla has announced prices and specs for its new swan-door compact SUV. The Model X entry-level price starts at about $80,000 -- far less than the original show car’s 132 Grand. Just like with the Model S Sedan, there are three models of X to choose from: the 70D, 90D, and P90D. The base model 70D offers 220 miles of range and a zero to 60 time of six seconds flat. Things just get faster after that, with the 90 capable of a 4.8 second sprint to 60. The high-performance P90D can hit 60 in 3.2 seconds when in Tesla’s now-infamous “Ludicrous” mode. We should mention here that, yes, a towing package is available for $750 – no word on what that does to your maximum range.