Ohio Man Shoots Himself in Penis While Exiting His Car

He learned a lesson in gun safety the hard way. (Rimshot?)

byEric Brandt|
Ohio Man Shoots Himself in Penis While Exiting His Car


There have been about 700 unintentional shootings this year—and this one may be the most unfortunate. (At least, among the non-fatal incidents.) A poor guy named Murad Hamedallah in Toledo, Ohio was found by police on the ground near a garbage can with a bullet hole in his penis and his right thigh. Witnesses say he was screaming after he got out of his car, tried walking, and collapsed. You would be screaming too, if you went through what he did.

Further investigation revealed a bullet hole in the driver’s seat of his car and the gun behind the garbage can. He was taken to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo for treatment. He’s expected to be okay...but will he ever really be okay again?

Gun enthusiast site Concealed Nation picked up this story and reminded everyone of the importance of a proper holster. Obviously, they’re strong advocates for legal carrying, and every serious gun nut knows that safety is the number one priority.

It’s safe to assume that Hamedallah did not have his gun in a holster, but rather in his waistband. He is now a living example of why that’s a bad idea. Concealed Nation recommends a molded rigid holster that’s the right shape and size for your firearm, like the holsters cops use.

As far as car safety is concerned, check your local and state laws if you want to keep a gun in your car. I don’t know anything about the gun laws in Ohio, but I’m pretty sure driving with a gun in your crotch is frowned upon.