Please, Look at This Airborne Barbie Mustang

The sky pony rides.

byBen Keeshin| UPDATED Jan 4, 2017 12:47 PM
Please, Look at This Airborne Barbie Mustang

Recently, because The Internet likes to concern itself with flotsam, there was a minor furor over a commercial for the latest Barbie: Moschino Barbie. For the first time, a Barbie advertisement featured a boy. While wearing a very stylish—some might say proto-gay—haircut, the young kid mentions that Moschino Barbie is “so fierce.” He’s not wrong; for a half-century old toy, Barbie is very fierce. Her hair is on trend. Her shoes on point. Her chains are on fleek. If you’ve ever actually encountered a child, you know they sometimes like things they’re “not supposed to.” It’s cool to finally see big brands like Target, and now Mattel, recognize as much.

Aaron “Crum” Sauvage certainly wasn’t put off by his mini-car’s color scheme. The stuntman, a regular at New Zealand’s Nitro Circus, a major venue for stunts and general wheeled buffoonery, seems to be enjoying his special-edition Mustang. Congrats to him on the successful stunt, and to Barbie-loving guys the world over. Real men like what they like, peanut gallery be damned.