Hero of the Day: Cowl Hood Cowboy

A sleeper? Or just dreaming?

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Nov 5, 2015 2:23 PM
Hero of the Day: Cowl Hood Cowboy

This guy, who’s hiding something nasty under that cowl hood. Maybe. See, the early Nineties Caprice wagon is many things: spacious, versatile, opaque—hell, it’s just a phone booth on steelies, really. But fast, it is not. Which means this guy’s got a big block shoehorned between the fenders. Or a supercharger. Or, he’s a sixteen-year-old who has been fitting J.C. Whitney bits to his Aunt Judith’s 195-horsepower GM wagon. Super sleeper? Dreaming? Either way, his heart’s in the right place. Hero. 

This hero was submitted by John T. in Saint Louis, MO.

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