Chris Brown Likes Ariel Atoms, Apparently

Small manufacturer leans on Lambo-loving singer in new video.

byClifford Atiyeh|
Chris Brown Likes Ariel Atoms, Apparently

Chris Brown has blessed the Rezvani Beast with an upper hand in his latest music video. The R&B star usually roams L.A. in any of a trio of Lamborghini Aventadors, but he chose this obscure, $165,000 California-made roadster for his “Zero” video shoot.

It’s an Ariel Atom with a windshield and real bodywork, all rendered in carbon fiber. A supercharger gooses the 2.4-liter four-cylinder up to 500 hp. Few have tried it since its June debut—probably not Brown, either, as his driving scenes were filmed in front of a green screen—but the Beast seems to hold up its end of things just fine.