Former NASCAR Chairman Brian France Pleads Not Guilty to DWI Charge

The NASCAR executive faces up to a year in prison for DWI and possession of oxycodone.

byAmanda Vincent| UPDATED May 23, 2019 3:11 PM
Former NASCAR Chairman Brian France Pleads Not Guilty to DWI Charge

Former NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France has pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated driving while intoxicated and misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance. 

France's lawyer appeared at Sag Harbor Village Court on Friday to plead on the executive's behalf, according to TMZ Sports. France was arrested after running a stop sign on Aug. 5, and a breathalyzer test later showed his blood-alcohol level was 0.18. In addition, five pills discovered to be oxycodone were found in his possession.

France faces up to a year in prison and the loss of his driver’s license. a court date of Oct. 5. has been set.

Upon his arrest, France stepped down from his position with NASCAR for an indefinite period of time. His uncle, Jim France, has assumed the positions of NASCAR Chairman and CEO on an interim basis. Brian France also formerly held an ownership stake in NASCAR, but a separation agreement with ex-wife Megan from 2007 showed that he no longer held an ownership stake in the stock-car racing sanctioning body.

A TMZ report claims that France name-dropped President Donald Trump, but according to a Daytona Beach News-Journal story, Sag Harbor Chief of Police Austin J. McGuire disputed that report.

“He was very compliant and the only time he ever mentioned NASCAR, as part of our arrest processing, we ask people where they are employed, and he said ‘NASCAR,’” McGuire said. “The arresting officer had no idea who he was or anything. The arresting officer said Mr. France was completely compliant and a gentleman.”

France publicly endorsed Trump during the 2016 Presidential campaign and later on made a $50,000 contribution to a GoFundMe fundraiser for Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen.