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Watch Gift-Wrapped Drift Cars Spread Holiday Cheer

Knuckleheads light ‘em up for Yuletide.

The jokers of Faction Motorsports got in the holiday spirit by completely gift-wrapping their slammed Nissan S13s in colorful holiday themes before taking them sideways around the neighborhood. The Frosty the Snowman steering wheel cover and super-size bows are savvy touches.

Despite the Christmas camo, New Jersey-based Faction and its stanced-out, tire-slaying rides (slay rides?) are not exactly subtle. From the obnoxious deep dish wheels to the utterly excessive “sticker tune” that completely covers the quarter panel and rear glass, these S-chassis tuner kids represent everything lovable and detestable  about the Fast and Furious import tuner culture. Did we mention that each sticker adds five horsepower?

Judging from the red Santa hat that conveniently hides the license plate, it’s obvious this little excursion is extremely illegal. But don’t expect the Faction crew to care much. Surely a menace to its neighborhood for 364 days of the year, the trio of drift cars looks so festive that even a family taking a walk down the sidewalk couldn’t resist stopping and waving.

The Faction drops little boxes of presents on the floor like they were green shells from Mario Kart, tandem’ing through industrial complexes, roundabouts and highway on-ramps. Get yourself into the spirit and watch the awesome “Faction Motorsports: Seasons Greetings II” video below. (Yes, this is a sequel.)