The Ultimate Road Trip, Completed

This man rode a 105cc Honda from Australia to Alaska. Jealous much?

When you think of “Leaving it all behind,” what do you imagine? A bicycle and the untamed Yukon? A cherry-red convertible across the USA? A space capsule into the abyss? Brit Nathan Millward chose a special, extra-grueling option: a 35,000-mile trek from Sydney, Australia, to Alaska on a 105cc Honda mail-delivery bike. (For the technically disinclined, 105cc is about .1 liter. A Honda Accord has 2.4 liters or more.)

After a romantically failed stint in Australia and lacking a long-term visa, Millward set off through rain, sleet and the Himalayas. Four years later, bearded and chapped and a little uplifted, he rode his final mile past a couple of buffalo, deep in the Alaskan mountains. You’ve probably always wanted to a take a trip, if not to soul search, then to soul-titillate.

Taking leave of your life to travel isn’t a panacea, but it’s a great catalyst for wonderment. Watch Millward’s remarkable footage here.