Bangor Police’s Winter Storm Jonas Facebook Post Goes Viral

Tough love from “grumpy Mainers.”

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Jan 22, 2016 4:01 PM
Bangor Police’s Winter Storm Jonas Facebook Post Goes Viral

When you think of a social media powerhouse, we doubt the Bangor Police Department is up there with the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Still, the Maine force has over 90,000 Facebook followers, and its most recent Facebook post regarding Winter Storm Jonas has been shared over 17,000 times. Wicked powerful words.

And although Maine will not get hit with this “epic” winter storm, Bangor Police felt it important to provide some tough love to those folks “from away” on how to best handle that scary white stuff. As two feet of snow rapidly approaches our nation’s capital, Sgt. Tim Cotton has offered eight pieces of sound advice on how to beat the storm. We were especially fond of No 4:

“DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy all the bread on the shelves. As a lifelong Mainer, I recommend cereal. No better reason has ever been invented to eat Golden Crisp, Honeycomb or Captain Crunch (don't get the peanut butter flavored. That stuff sucks). You will need milk and of course a bowl and spoon. You probably already have that in the house. I have lived for several weeks on only Rice Crispies and Snickers.”

Sgt. Cotton understands that Maine’s summer vacationers—many of whom may make the northern sojourn from our nation’s capital—may not be as acclimated to snow as someone from Bangor, but instead of sowing fear in inexperienced souls, Cotton adds a little (or a lot) of humor to his advice. Covering everything from how to use a generator to hosting a winter whiteout party, Sgt. Cotton is ensuring his investment (summer vacationers) are able to return to Maine next summer. So instead of tiptoeing around the dangers of shoveling, Sgt. Cotton quickly reminds people:

“Heart attacks in big snow storms are rather common. Help out your neighbor who is older, out of shape or that has known health problems. Helping them move some snow (better yet, let your offspring do it) is better than calling EMS while you are doing CPR. Seriously.”

This isn’t the first time Banger Police Department has had a post go viral. In fact, most posts get several thousand likes and each is pockmarked with humor. Maybe no coincidence, Sgt. Cotton has even dabbled in used car sales.

Our kind of force.

Read the entire Facebook post here.