Listen to Enthusiasts Talk About Vintage Cars…in 1963

A unique perspective on pre-war machines.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Listen to Enthusiasts Talk About Vintage Cars…in 1963

Classic cars have perhaps never been more popular than they are today. Massive events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Monterrey Historics bring together enthusiasts from countries and provinces across the world, celebrating what we love about the automobiles of yesteryear. Machines built in those post World War II years are the cars that usually come to mind, but as this video shows, pre-war cars were once equally as relished. It's not often that you see footage from 50 years ago that harken back to the origin of sports cars—but thanks to this clip, you'll get to watch exactly that.

Staged in the United Kingdom, the film "Look at Life—Vintage Models 1963" gives us perspective of what it was like to be a gearhead in the middle of the 20th century. Beloved national heroes like Bentley were celebrated with as much grandeur as any other European machine, showing their cult following throughout the country. Bugatti and Alfa Romeo had an enormous presence as well, as fans remembered their innumerable wins prior to WWII.

The narrator of this movie often notes the dedication of these enthusiasts who restore and maintain the vintage machines. They were much different than contemporary cars produced during the 1960s, some of them offering completely different driving experiences with more levers and switches than pedals. Racing them only mad ethings worse, as owners would have to perform a significant amount of upkeep after all of the abuse at the track.

Watch as the footage documents antics and tales of classic car enthusiasts during this special period in auto history.