Listen to This Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Sing

The LP620-2 may be the best sounding GT car this season.

Lamborghini isn’t necessarily synonymous with racing, but with the Huracan Super Trofeo LP620-2, Sant’Agata is upping its game. The race-spec V-10 brute features a reworked version of the production car’s powerplant, sending horses to the rear wheels instead of all four (per race series requirements). It revs to 8,250 RPM and makes us wonder which is better—this, or its Audi R8 GT4 brother? 

Watch this video and decide.

Dressed in racing livery, the Super Trofeo looks even more menacing than its road car cousin. It has dramatic overhangs on the track, and it reminds us of Lamborghini’s strong design ethos. 

It performs even better than it looks, too. It’s got stiff competition from other top manufacturers, but with a naturally aspirated lump instead of a turbo motor, it has the advantage of predictability. The sequential box slings it into gear with speed and precision, making it an equally efficient track weapon. The Super Trofeo’s frame is a hybrid of carbon and aluminum, making it especially rigid and lightweight for motorsport use. Collectively, it’s a well balanced machine that may be the best racing car we’ve seen out of Lamborghini’s factory.

Watch as several different Huracan Super Trofeos carve up the legendary Monza circuit. Make sure you turn your volume up to hear that 620 horsepower engine scream through the revs.