Peru Man Escapes Through Windshield After Flood Waters Crash His Car

This motorist is lucky to have gotten out of this messy incident alive. 

Storyful News/YouTube

The brutal weather that Peru has been faced with recently is nothing to mess around with. Last weekend, the number of deaths caused by the nasty weather since the beginning of 2017 climbed to 72, according to the Peruvian news agency Andina. This clip below, featuring a driver attempting and failing to drive through flood waters, shows just how awful the conditions have been. 

In a video shared to YouTube by Storyful on Tuesday, a motorist can be seen trying to drive a car through murky, rapidly-flowing water. The water, however, appears to have other ideas; it pushes the car over a small ledge and into a rock, shattering the windshield and forcing the driver to exit the vehicle through the newly-created hole in front of him. 

In the background, you can see several onlookers and other motorists who probably decided it crossing the rapidly-flowing water wasn't a good idea. This driver probably should've taken the hint. 

According to Storyful, the incident occurred on March 16 in an area near Lima. So, should you be driving around there anytime careful.