Watch This Teaser of the BMW i8 Roadster in Final Testing

Expect the topless variant of BMW’s plug-in hybrid sports car in showrooms next year.

byEric Brandt|
Watch This Teaser of the BMW i8 Roadster in Final Testing


We’ve been waiting for the BMW i8 Roadster to come into production since it was confirmed way back in 2015, and today, it seens we’re a small step closer to that day finally arriving. BMW has released a second teaser trailer for the i8 Roadster, showing it tackling curvy, scenic roads alongside an i8 coupe.

In this 26-second teaser, we see as many as four of these pre-production cars being tested simultaneously. Admittedly, the testing doesn't look very extreme, but we do get a glimpse of one being tested on a wet road. That’s about as intense as it gets.

Last time we saw a teaser for the BMW i8 Roadster was in July, when we saw an even shorter clip of the car sitting in a wind tunnel and showing off its cool doors. (Unofficially, we saw the i8 Roadster tackle the Nurburgring in May, again, covered in light camouflage.) In all the teasers, the i8 Roadsters are wearing camouflage. We’re not exactly sure what BMW is trying to hide, though, since it sure looks like this car will simply be an i8 with a soft top.

Unfortunately, the new BMW press release still doesn’t give us an exact date as to when this thing will hit showrooms. What it does tell us is that the “ultimate progressive sports car [is] in its final testing phase,” and that it’s coming out in 2018. We can’t wait to enjoy 357 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque from the plug-in hybrid drivetrain in one of these i8 Roadsters with the top down.

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