Watch Tattoo Artist Dan Gold Ink a Honda CB650F

A Day of the Dead theme transformed this bike into a work of art.

Dan Gold is a brilliant tattoo artist with a passion for motorcycles. In a continuing collaboration with Honda Motorcycles, he has inked his second CB650F, this time with a Day of the Dead theme. Last year at Motorcycle Live show, he painted a different CB650F live at the Honda booth with a traditional tattoo theme with hearts, skulls, and flowers.

This new bike was painted at Monsters of Art, Dan Gold’s studio. It has a bit more of a cohesive Day of the Dead theme with some other elements thrown in. Just about every square inch of the body on this CB is covered in Gold’s unique design in some way. He intended it to be “more friendly towards female riders” with a couple female faces on the bike including La Calavera Catrina or “Lady of the Dead” and tattoo elements that are popular with his female clientele like sugar skulls and mandalas.

“The brief was to keep it simple, which didn’t really happen,” said Gold upon completion of the bike. “It’s always good to have a bike with some lucky charms,” he noted as he pointed out the horseshoe with a “luck” banner. On the narrow bodywork underneath the seat, Gold painted a dragon with the head coming out on the tank. He was happy with how the blues and whites came together to create a “kind of porcelain feel to it.” Gold painted his signature on the crash helmet of a woman he painted on the side of the tank opposite the dragon head.

Dan Gold is working on another gallery/tattoo studio on Oxford Street in London. If you happen to be in London, that’s where this bike is on display. Check it out and maybe get some ink of your own.