Jay Leno's Garage Gets Into The American Spirit With A Special Episode

From George W. Bush's F-150 to a 1978 Dodge Street Van

Jay Leno's Garage/Youtube

In typical Jay Leno fashion, Jay Leno's Garage recently released an episode focusing on American cars. Rather than covering modern American cars, Jay looked back throughout to ages to really pick out some iconic rides. 

Right off the bat Jay goes down to George W. Bush's ranch in Texas to check out his white Ford F-150. As Jay puts it, America makes the best pickups. For years Bush has owned white Ford pickups from massive F-250s to the current 2013 F-150 King Ranch and he hasn't been afraid to take foreign dignitaries for a ride around the property. Now we see Bush giving the denim-covered TV host a ride.

The next car on deck is a Dodge Viper followed by a Pontiac Trans Am, Ford Bronco and 1978 Dodge Street Van. Each one of these vehicles are unique and beautiful in their own right and each of them remind us America has a few automotive tricks up its sleeve.