Match Nike Air Jordan 8 Chromes With This ‘59 Cadillac

Some supreme metallic kicks, and the only car they should ever travel in.

Sometimes I want to wear worn, demure-to-a-fault Sperry Topsiders and others, I cannot leave the house unless I strut in shiny, shiny kicks. What is my aesthetic? Am I an elegant wisp of a WASP, mincing down the avenues with an inherited watch and a dog-eared Peterson Field Guide in the pocket of my Barbour, as averse to pomp as to living in a house built this century? Or am I a glitter-seeking hedonist, a hominid disco ball, putting the “me” in gold lamé?


In truth, though I own a J. Crew cashmere in Anonymous Grey, my heart lies elsewhere in my wardrobe, with the gold lamé shorts. As such, I’m thrilled about Nike’s latest Air Jordan release, the Jordan 8 Chrome. While most of the shoe is a murky black, it’s adorned with tiny chrome dagmars: bright, delicious metal stars in an otherwise dark evening. Though these little ornaments were originally slated to be released on Dec. 26, making them ineligible for Christmas, Jordan moved up the release date to Dec. 19, meaning that you had better be lightning quick, or ready to pay a markup on eBay.


Should you prefer your chromed Dagmars full-size, may we recommend the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. It is, unequivocally, the pinnacle of two late-Fifties obsessions: chrome, and fins. Around back, the (chromed, of course) fins stand a staggering 42 inches tall, dwarfing the Caddy’s contemporary competition as well as any Cadillac before or since. Like the Concorde, the Cadillac Eldorado was the zenith of a particular field of engineering: fin construction. In front, the intricate grille featured enough chrome to tile Detroit’s streets, meaning that coming or going, the 1959 Eldorado demonstrates superlative flash. This example, in pearlescent pink, comes up for auction in the spring.