Mobileye Installs Aftermarket Crash Avoidance Tech on Lyft, Uber Vehicles in NYC

Thanks to Mobileye, 4,500 ride-share cars in NYC just got safer.

The newest vehicles on the market often are equipped with advanced driver avoidance safety systems. That UberX beater picking you up? Not so much. That’s why Mobileye is working with an insurer of ride-hailing vehicles to outfit many for-hire vehicles in NYC with its aftermarket safety technology. 

How it works

Mobileye offers an aftermarket solution that can be retrofitted onto any existing vehicle. The system uses a single high-resolution camera mounted on the windshield to read speed limit signs and scans the road for potential hazards, such as oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and lane drifts. It then analyzes the information on-board and warns the driver if it detects hazards, imminent collisions, or lane departures and displays an alert on the interior dash to to give the driver enough time to react. The sensor isn’t able to engage a car’s brakes or employ other avoidance maneuvers, though.

Mobileye working with ride-share companies to prevent accidents

Working with fleet operator insurance carrier Atlas Financial Holdings, Mobileye has equipped 4,500 Uber and Lyft rideshare vehicles with Mobileye’s aftermarket offering to improve accident prevention. 

“Mobileye’s system will provide vehicle owners and drivers peace of mind knowing that the most advanced technologies are in place to provide an extra layer of safety and protection to drivers and their passengers. We look forward to working closely with our partners to prevent collisions across the city, while improving the driving behavior of operators,” said Mobileye’s director of business development Moran David in a news release.

Its system also integrates Pointer Telocation, which enables fleet operators the ability to review vehicles its drivers’ behavior.