What Would GTA 5 Be Like With PlayStation VR?

First you’d beat up a Plymouth Prowler driver, apparently. So that’s a solid start…

byMax Prince| PUBLISHED Oct 11, 2016 11:55 PM
What Would GTA 5 Be Like With PlayStation VR?

Brace yourself: PlayStation VR is nigh.

After more than a five years in gestation, Sony will launch its first proper consumer virtual reality device (sorry, Glasstron owners) on October 13. On paper, the spec looks impressive: 1080p display, 120 FPS, 100-degree FOV, plug-in 3D audio. Better yet, Gran Turismo Sport should be compatible when it’s released next year. This should all excite you.

Still, nobody’s sure if Rockstar Games plans on playing ball. Which means nobody’s sure if PSVR will have Grand Theft Auto. So this new short film from Corridor Digital, which imagines the world of GTA 5 in virtual reality, may be as close as we’ll ever get. (After watching, maybe that’s a good thing.)

Over seven wonderful minutes, Corridor delivers the following: Steve Ogg, a.k.a. GTA’s Trevor, appearing as himself; jabs at Google, Tesla, Apple, and Verizon; campy self-awareness (when an Iron Man suit-wearing bro appears: “…modders!”); gratuitous violence, foul language, glorious explosions, and general anarchy. Also the satisfaction of watching a Plymouth Prowler owner catch a beatdown. Because, honestly, haven’t you just wanted to do that at every stoplight since 1997?

Fair warning: NSFW. Not even a little. The whole thing, start to finish. Just... don't.