MergeNow Episode #12: Hong Quan of Karmic Bikes on the eBike Business and Micromobility’s Future

The creator of the new Karmic OSLO talks about the lessons learned in Micromobility and how it informs his designs.

Thanks to the explosive growth of scooter companies during 2018’s “Year of the Scooter,” a lot of the American public’s understanding of Micromobility seems to begin and end with tiny-wheeled, semi-disposable Limes and Birds.Outside the US, however, eBikes are booming and companies like Karmic Bikes see an opportunity to blur the lines between eScooters and eBikes. This week, founder Hong Quan joins MergeNow to talk about Karmic’s just-revealed Oslo eBike/eScooter hybrid and the evolution of Micromobility more broadly.