JATO: Tesla, Model 3 Top Global BEV Sales Charts

Despite production and delivery “hell,” JATO says Model 3 was the best-selling EV in 2018 and Tesla ruled EV sales by brand.

byBertel Schmitt| UPDATED Feb 22, 2019 11:13 AM
JATO: Tesla, Model 3 Top Global BEV Sales Charts

Tesla was the top-selling EV maker in the world in 2018, followed by China’s BAIC and BYD, renowned data house JATO Dynamics said today in an emailed statement. JATO tracks actual registrations, as opposed to sometimes elastic data published by OEMs.

According to JATO, 230,000 Tesla cars were registered in 2018, followed by 152,000 BAIC BEVs, 95,000 made by BYD, 92,000 by Nissan, and 64,000 by China’s Zotye. World’s best-selling BEV has been the Tesla Model 3 with 138,000 units registered, followed by 92,000 BAIC EC, and 95,000 Nissan Leaf, JATO says. It has been occasionally suggested by parties critical to Tesla that many of its new Model 3 could be sitting unsold in lots around the country. JATO’s registration data do not bear that out. Referring to the Model 3, Tesla’s Q4 shareholder letter talked about “nearly 140,000 units sold,” which should be close enough to JATO’s 138,000.

Bertel Schmitt

According to JATO, 1.261 million battery electric vehicles were registered 2018 in the 54 countries JATO covers. That's up an amazing 73.5% from the 727,000 BEVs registered in 2017. Tesla's 230,000 units translate into a global BEV market share of 18%.

While their sales are impressive, BEVs are far from taking over the world. The global best- seller is the sport utility vehicle. According to JATO data, nearly 30 million SUVs were registered globally in 2018. This gives the SUV a global market share of 36.4%, compared to a global BEV market share of 1.5%