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HBO Delivers Pizzas via Drone in ‘Silicon Valley’ Marketing Stunt

Fictional drone company 'Sliceline' from HBO's 'Silicon Valley' sent pizza ordered via Twitter to fans in three major cities.

If you caught Sunday’s season 5 premiere of HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” you’ll recall fictional drone delivery company ‘Sliceline’ which would aerially deliver pizzas to customers. In the real world, Domino’s and Ford have teamed up to do exactly that. Monday’s marketing stunt, which ended when the quasi-real company’s website claimed demand exceeded supply, served as a reminder that aerial pizza deliveries soon won’t be as shocking as they were today.

According to Fast Company, this public relations event, managed by Fooji, was limited to those in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. It’s thematically tied into the increasingly popular HBO show, relevant to its content, and relied on Twitter to make it happen. As far as television show marketing efforts go, this is pretty memorable. Just take a look at the footage of some of these deliveries, and consider how fun and memorable this looks.

In order to get lucky here, people in the corresponding territories had to simply tweet the #sliceline hashtag and a pizza emoji to the garner the fourth-wall-breaking company’s attention, and await further instructions. For a yet unknown number of people across those three cities, a drone soon appeared, delivering those fortunate souls some pizza. Though I tried to get a free pie myself, I didn’t get as lucky as those fans above. In any case, this is a pretty damn effective way to interact with an audience, as well as to new viewers such as myself. Not only am I eager to invest in some pizza tonight, I might just give this show a chance.