The Sum Of Their Parts

Get a better appreciation for everyday machines.

Dave King/Getty Images

Things come together. Things come apart. It’s the allure of anything that’s assembled, anything adjustable or using a mechanism: All the little parts and pieces and bolts and bits. Each has a function. Each is essential. And you’ll never know a thing better than after you’ve seen its guts spilled out on a workbench.

Or, carefully laid out in a photo studio. That’s the idea behind these photos we’ve collected: various household objects, meticulously disassembled. Some are rudimentary, others insanely complex. But there’s an odd beauty to seeing the insides of everyday items. You can look and see progress. You can look and see the simplicity of lethality. Above all else, though, it’ll give you a better appreciation for the machine.

Alarm Clock
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Car Trim
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Espresso Machine
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Film Projector
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Food Processor
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Meat Grinder
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Safety Razor
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Tape Recorder
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Telephone Receiver
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Video Camera
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