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The Best Mosquito Repellents (Review & Buying Guide) in 2022

Make bug bites a thing of the past with these powerful and popular mosquito repellents

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BYCorrina Murdoch/ LAST UPDATED ON July 13, 2021

Of all the pests you can encounter, mosquitos are some of the most frustrating. Mosquitos can be tough to see, and they often strike without you feeling anything at all. As a result, you’re left with red, irritated, and itchy spots on your skin. But there’s an even bigger concern that can come with a mosquito’s bite: deadly illnesses. Mosquitoes can spread Zika, Dengue, and West Nile viruses, which is why you need to protect yourself with mosquito repellent.

A good, effective mosquito repellent can keep these pests from biting you and help you avoid contracting a dangerous virus. There are plenty of mosquito repellent products to choose from — sprays, lotions, candles, and even tech devices can help keep these bugs at a distance. Check out some of the best below.

Best Overall
OFF! Deep Woods Insect & Mosquito Repellent

OFF! Deep Woods Insect & Mosquito Repellent


Powerful DEET-based spray, this repellent offers full coverage with aerosol application. It works against everything from mosquitoes to ticks.


Effective protection against ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. Dries well without residue getting left behind. Aerosol can provides good application.


The container requires a cool and dry environment. It is not a waterproof formula, so it requires frequent reapplication.

Best Value

BENVO Mosquito Repellent Net


At a cost-effective rate, this chemical-free repellent works well for sensitive skin. You can easily clean it and use it multiple times.


Does not require frequent reapplication. Avoids chemicals altogether. Can be washed and reused in the future. See-through mesh doesn’t compromise vision.


It is only effective if you are fully covered (jacket, long pants, etc.). Subject to frays and tears in the material itself.

Honorable Mention

KATCHY Indoor Insect Trap


Stylish mosquito repellent that works indoors. Provides efficient waste disposal and uses UV rays to draw mosquitoes forth.


It’s decorative yet functional. The machine attracts both gnats and mosquitoes. It is made of tough materials to provide lasting results.


It works depending on the concentration of bugs. In areas with lots of pests, it may be less effective.

Tactical & Outdoor photo

Benefits of Mosquito Repellent

  • Prevents disease: Tons of health concerns have their roots in mosquitoes. From Zika to Dengue fever, transmission can be avoided by using a proper repellent. This is especially important since there is no way of knowing which mosquitoes are infected. 
  • Keeps irritation away: Mosquitoes leave behind itchy and swollen sites. This is due to a histemic reaction in the bitten person’s system. By using a repellent, you can avoid the bites (and the resulting itching and scratching). 
  • Allergy benefits: In some people, the allergic reaction is worse than others. For those with sensitivities to mosquito bites, anything from anaphylaxis to massive swelling can occur. Repellents keep the bugs away and prevent these issues from arising. 
  • Avoids unpleasantries: From noise and nuisance to dead bugs scattered after a hot day, mosquitoes are a definite pest. Repellents which either distract or deter a mosquito can help you steer clear of these unnecessary experiences. 
  • Keeps food intact: Whether camping or on a picnic, getting bugs in your food is never enjoyable. A mosquito repellent can help you keep the site free of these winged insects. It prevents damage to your food and your person simultaneously. 

Types of Mosquito Repellents

Natural Chemicals

Some odors are particularly off-putting to mosquitoes. Amongst these are lavender, citronella, and rosemary. By sourcing concentrated oils, these repellents avoid heavier-duty options. They work to repel mosquitoes by creating an unpleasant environment for them. You can get natural repellents in all forms. From sprays to lotions to candles, these natural repellents are ideal for homes with small children. 


Heavy-duty and proven effective, DEET is a strong chemical that works on a wide range of bugs. While it has come under fire in recent times due to side-effects of long-term use, this chemical is still the traditional bug repellent. It prevents mosquitoes from being able to bite. This type of repellent also works on ticks and other insects.


There are two sub-categories of electronic repellents. The first uses beams of ultraviolet light to attract the mosquitoes and zaps them using an electrical shock. The other sort is a sound-operated piece that uses sonic radiation to prevent mosquitoes from getting within range.


Whether it’s a net or a mesh cover for your face, this type of repellent literally keeps bugs out. It leaves the pests unharmed while offering coverage all the same. The mesh comes in various shapes, letting you either cut it to size or drape it over your sleeping area. It prevents mosquitoes from getting close while avoiding harm altogether. 

Top Brands 


Providing bug-prevention technology for more than half a decade, OFF! has a wide selection of mosquito repellents. Focused on making outdoors easier, there are options for lawns and camping. A leading selection is the OFF! Deep Woods Insect & Mosquito Repellent.


Based in the US, Thermacell opened its doors in the early 1980s. The company is relatively small, though is a very popular source of modern repellents. Using electricity and radiation to keep mosquitoes away, one of its top products is the Thermacell Patio Shield Lantern.

Mosquito Repellent Pricing

  • Under $40: Typically, these repellents are either natural or artificial chemicals. While more affordable, these generally require more frequent reapplication (and thus replacement). You can also find cloth-based repellents in this area. 
  • $40 and up: Repellents in this range are usually technological in nature. Either they will be plug-in or run on a battery. Both the sonic and ultraviolet repellents generally fall within this range. 

Key Features

Lasting Function

In terms of both storage and application, you want a repellent that lasts. Particularly if the need is seasonal, something that lasts on a shelf is important. During use, you want something that won’t wear off prematurely. Even with sprays, you should be able to expect hours of protection from surrounding mosquitoes. 

Wide Range

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you are probably moving around. By opting for a repellent with a wide range of functions, you can avoid walking into mosquitoes. It helps both you and those around you; and, generally, means the repellent is sufficiently powerful. Especially when you opt for an electric tool, you want something that can work based on the room size. 

Safety Features

Whether it's chemicals or an electric model, you want to ensure that it is safe for those near you. The chemical types should feature a buffer against damage and should dry well. Electric models should keep the element protected from fingers. This ensures there are no issues while the repellent is in use. 

Repellent Mechanism

The bottom line is, you want something that works. Whether this is a strong natural oil, a chemical like DEET, sound waves or light, it is important that your repellent is reliable. By finding a repellent that has a powerful enough active mechanism, you can avoid issues with function. This means that the chemical will be well-enough concentrated and the UV/sonic function is powerful enough. 

Other Considerations

  • Bug Disposal: If you plan to use your bug repellent indoors, then you should consider how the bug carcasses get disposed of. Some electric models incorporate trays to make lighter work of this process. However, chemical options usually leave the cleaning entirely up to you. 
  • Chemical vs. Natural: Depending on whether or not you have sensitive skin, you may wish to look at how you want to approach your repellents. There are many heavy-duty options while there are more moderate, natural solutions. Some resort to innovative ways of staying cool and free of bugs. Others prefer simpler means. 
  • Waterproof Abilities: Whether you’re camping or in the backyard, you probably want something that can withstand moisture. This is particularly useful for rainy areas where you can leave your repellent vulnerable to washing away or breaking. 
  • Overall Durability: From spray containers to machine repellents, everything can break. Choose something that is made of strong, reliable materials to avoid the pitfalls or spills. If you opt for something with a sturdy base (whether spray, lotion, or electric) you can get long-lasting results. 

The Best Mosquito Repellent Reviews & Recommendations 2021

If there’s a mosquito repellent that’s easy to use, effective, and protective, it’s OFF! Deep Woods Insect & Mosquito Repellent. This mosquito repellent spray is made with a formula that’s 25 percent DEET, which helps create a vapor barrier on your skin that keeps mosquitos from landing on you. DEET can also help protect against other outdoor pests, like biting flies, gnats, and chiggers. This aerosol spray is easy to apply, and it’s your perfect companion outdoors. Spray this product on any exposed skin while you’re outdoors, and it’ll offer long-lasting protection that repels mosquitoes — and its powder-dry formula won’t leave you greasy or oily. You can use this mosquito repellent spray for any outdoor activity, and it’s strong enough to work while you’re fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping in woodsy settings.

The BENVO Mosquito Repellent Net is an ideal choice for those hoping to stay bug-free without using chemicals. Coming in a set of two, the fine mesh covers the skin. It keeps the bugs further away from you without using DEET. This makes it excellent for sensitive skin. Plus, with the mesh keeping the gases which attract mosquitoes in, there is less draw. It’s easy to breathe through and can be reused multiple times. This, coupled with the affordable price, makes it ‘a great option for those seeking value. The drawstring, paired with the hat-friendly design, means that you can wear it in just about any situation. It works well for times that you can’t stop to frequently reapply. In between uses, you can pocket the nets into the included carrying cases.

If you want a different kind of mosquito repellent, try turning to technology and the Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. This electronic repellent doesn’t require any spraying, rubbing, or any kind of skin application. There are no chemicals to worry about at all. It’ll work by repelling pests like mosquitoes via bionic, electromagnetic, or ultrasonic waves. These waves disturb pests’ nervous systems, driving them away from you and the device’s location. This device can be plugged into any electrical outlet, and it features three different settings and ultrasonic frequencies to force pests away from you and your space. It’s 100 percent safe for both humans and pets, and it’ll repel mosquitoes in areas up to 363 square feet. You can place this repellent device in one room, on your porch, or anywhere mosquitoes are bugging you.

The Thermacell Patio Shield Mosquito Repellent is a great product for anyone who wants a chemical, DEET-free way to repel pesky mosquitoes. This innovative device can offer protection from mosquitoes in any 15-foot area — and it’s great to use outdoors on your lawn, patio, or porch. It can provide up to 12 hours of mosquito protection, and its technology has been used to fight off mosquitoes in some of the toughest places on Earth. You won’t need to use any sprays, wipes, lotions, or skin applications; just turn this device on and it’ll keep mosquitoes away. 

Scent-free and long-lasting, this repellent uses a fuel-powered Thermacell cartridge and repellent mats to create an invisible barrier of protection from mosquitoes. You can carry this repellent device with you, as it doesn’t require cords, electricity, or any complicated connectivity.

Want something that uses modern innovation while keeping bugs at bay? The LIVIN’ WELL Electric Mosquito Repellent is well worth a look. Meant for use outside, this zapper attracts bugs and insects with ultraviolet rays. This light draws them in from many feet away. The 18 watts of power contribute to this in a massive way. Run by a cord, this machine takes the lured pests and zaps them. With a catch at the bottom to trap the bugs, you can easily keep this light system clean. Plus, since it lasts for thousands of hours, you don’t have to worry about getting a replacement. It isn’t easy to break, making it well-suited to outdoor conditions. The grid and structure are easily as tough, combining the resilience and power of modern technology.

If you need heavy-duty protection when you’re outdoors or in mosquito-heavy environments, take Repel Insect Repellent Sportsmen Max Formula Spray with you. This mosquito repellent features powerful ingredients that can protect you against mosquitoes, repelling them as well as ticks, gnats, biting flies, chiggers, and fleas for up to eight hours. It can repel mosquitoes that may carry the Chikungunya, Zika, Dengue, and West Nile viruses, keeping you safe with a barrier of protection on your skin. This mosquito spray is 40 percent DEET, which is ideal for anyone who plans to spend long periods of time outside in mosquito-heavy environments. It’s specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, meaning it’ll provide top-tier protection even in tough, buggy conditions. With a small, pocket-sized pump, you can carry this spray repellent with you for protection anytime you need it.

Sawyer Products Picaridin Insect Repellent is the perfect mosquito repellent if you need all-day, long-lasting protection against mosquitoes and other insects. This lotion delivers up to 14 hours of effective repellent, keeping you safe from mosquitoes as well as ticks, biting flies, gnats, chiggers, and sand flies. It’s especially effective against the Yellow Fever Mosquito, which is the bug that can transmit Zika. The lotion is made with a fragrance-free formula that features 20 percent picaridin, the ingredient that repels disease-carrying mosquitoes and other bugs. Because it’s a lotion, this repellent is slow to evaporate and delivers long-term protection. It’s perfectly safe to use on the whole family, and it won’t cause any problems on clothing, sunglasses, tools, or anything else you’re carrying with you.

The Katchy Indoor Insect Trap is a popular choice among those who wholly want to keep bugs away. It works indoors, making it a unique option that is great for warm weather and pest-prone areas. The zapper uses UV rays to draw in mosquitoes and gnats. From there, the zapper is an effective mosquito solution. It works over a wide range, making it effective even in large rooms. To add value, it comes in an attractive design that lets you showcase it as decor. It works particularly well when used in kitchens. Since it gives you a disposal option for the pests, you don’t have to worry about the cleanup. Given its user-friendliness and ability to double as decoration, this is a truly premium selection.

Looking for a way to steer clear of bug sprays without sacrificing efficiency? Try the WahooArt Pest Repeller. It comes in a set of three, letting you simply plug them into the wall. It is ideal for inside use; and, when used together, the three can keep mosquitoes out of most-sized homes. Safe to use, the tone it issues isn’t registered by the human ear. Instead, a wide range of vermin responds to it. Thanks to this noise, rats, mosquitoes, and fleas alike stay away from the site. Since the pieces are so small, you can place them in a very subtle manner. Even if there are pets in the home, it won’t cause a disturbance. Since it works best at around a foot off the ground, it is well-suited to standard electrical sockets.

Want something that’s simple to upkeep and tough against damage? Consider the Broelec Bug Repellent for a quick and easy solution to your bug struggles. It features a rechargeable battery, meaning you don’t have to rely on outlets when using it. Free of noise and odors, you can opt to turn off the LED light to sleep easier. By enabling you to adjust the settings, you get the most possible use out of the repellent. It uses four bulbs and 1000 volts of electricity to efficiently handle pests. Since it’s waterproof, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged outdoors. It is safe to keep with you, rain or shine. 


  • Wear socks and long sleeves. By covering your skin with fabric using long-sleeved shirts, you can keep bugs at bay with less repellent. 
  • Reapply as needed, making sure it doesn’t fully wear off before you add more. This is true for both natural and artificial chemicals. 
  • Wait inside after application. By letting it sit on your skin for a while, it takes full effect. Then, pack in a backpack that keeps the contents cool.  
  • Use both an electric and chemical repellent. This keeps you covered both indoors and when you’re spending time outside. 


How long should you wait to go outside after you spray mosquito repellent?

A: While you can apply mosquito repellent outdoors, it becomes more effective after about half an hour. By waiting this amount of time, the coverage improves and you can get the full effects of the spray. 

What is the most effective mosquito repellent?

A: The most effective mosquito repellent depends on the situation. Since DEET is a long-time favorite, a go-to selection would be the OFF! Deep Woods Insect & Mosquito Repellent. It provides full coverage and is easy to apply, making it an awesome choice for camping and hiking. 

How can I stop getting bitten by mosquitoes?

A: There are repellents you can take just about anywhere. From bug removers for vehicles to sprays and candles, you can bring something with you everywhere. Best results come when you use sprays in conjunction with bug repellents for indoors. Together, you get full coverage wherever you go. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a full picture of the mosquito repellents available, you can pick the one that’s best for you. By choosing something that you’ll be comfortable using regularly, you can help prevent mosquito bites and stay safe outdoors. 

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