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The Best Tactical Waterproof Pants

Leverage the functionality of waterproof tactical pants for outdoor activities and tactical missions.

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BYNorah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON August 30, 2021

Most situations that call for tactical pants occur in outdoor settings. Of course, tactical apparel is constantly put to the test and is exposed to moisture, dirt, and debris. To keep them in optimal condition for long periods of time, it helps to find tactical pants that prevent damage due to water. This maintains the quality of the pants and adds to their comfort.

Waterproof tactical pants with a quick-drying construction keep you from being soaked and also help to keep the fabric sturdy by preventing water damage. The most important criteria in choosing waterproof tactical pants are durability, structure, and ability to keep water at bay. The best tactical waterproof pants incorporate all three. Naturally, since this is a specialized piece of apparel, it can be tricky to find the right option. To make your shopping easier, we’ve created a list of some of the best options.

Best Overall
Under Armour Men’s Tactical Enduro Pants

Under Armour Men’s Tactical Enduro Pants


These tactical pants are made of 100 percent polyester that’s resistant to tearing and ripping. It repels water by forcing it to bead on the surface.

  • Elastic  waistband provides a comfortable fit
  • Designed with anti-odor technology so they smell fresh all-day 
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Not as many pockets as most tactical pants
  • Fabric isn’t soft and makes a swishing noise when you walk
Best Value

Rdruko Lightweight Tactical Pants


Made of a combination of lightweight and waterproof nylon and spandex, these men’s tactical pants help you stay comfortable when outdoors.

  • Lightweight and comfortable for outdoor maneuvers
  • Includes multiple pockets for storing tactical accessories  
  • Features an adjustable waist
  • Fabric is somewhat noisy 
  • Not entirely waterproof 
  • Sizes run small
Honorable Mention

TRU-SPEC 24-7 Tactical Pants


These waterproof tactical pants are made of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. They include an adjustable slider waistband for a comfortable fit.

  • Comes with multiple pockets, including hidden pockets 
  • Includes an inside opening for inserting knee pads
  • Comes with large belt loops to accommodate a tactical belt or a holster
  • A bit noisy on the lower leg part 
  • May feel too warm for summer use 
  • Not stretchable enough for crawling 
Tactical & Outdoor photo

Benefits of Tactical Waterproof Pants 

  • Perform in wet conditions. These pants are treated with a waterproof layer that seals out water completely and forces it to bead up and roll off the material. Therefore, you can work in the rain without getting your pants wet. 
  • Store your survival gear. Tactical pants often feature neatly organized pockets with hidden or concealed carry pockets. This lets you carry most of your survival tools or tactical gear on your person. Also, you can keep your weapons hidden. 
  • More functionality than regular cargo pants. While they may seem similar, tactical pants are better at carrying more tools, gear, and equipment than cargo pants. Tactical pants can also be used in any harsh environment and can withstand the effects of harsh weather without getting damaged easily. 
  • Can be worn by anyone. You don’t have to work in law enforcement to wear tactical pants, This is why most don’t come with the typical camouflage design. Tactical pants can be worn by hunters, fishermen, campers, backpackers, and any outdoorsman.  

Types of Tactical Waterproof Pants 

Formal Style

Formal tactical pants are a traditional design featuring a higher waist that can accommodate a tactical belt. Some models feature a bulky design that resembles the typical tactical gear used by military personnel while others have a more subtle look with large pockets that stay flat so they can go unnoticed. The latter can be worn to work and still pass as a formal look despite the side pockets. 

Casual Style

Casual or modern tactical pants have a slimmer design that’s comfortable enough for everyday wear. They also have a low waist with some designs featuring elastic waistbands for a loose fit. Similar to cargo pants, they have large side pockets and roomy front pockets but are more resistant to moisture, wear, and tear in comparison. 

Top Brands 

Under Armour

Specializing in footwear, sports and casual apparel, Under Armour is a reputable brand known for its trendy and innovative designs. It traces its roots back to 1996 when it was founded by Kevin Plank in Washington D.C, and is currently headquartered in Baltimore, Md. Some of its best-rated tactical pants include the Men’s Tactical Enduro Pants and the Men’s Tactical Patrol Pants.  


TRU-SPEC, which is an abbreviation for True Specifications, is an apparel and accessories manufacturing company that’s based in Marietta, Ga. It was founded back in 1950 by Jack Zaglin with the aim of designing tactical clothing and equipment for the military and law enforcement personnel. The 24-7 Tactical Pants and the Tactical Response Uniform Pants are some of its best-selling tactical pants. 

Tactical Waterproof Pants Pricing 

  • Under $50: Shopping for pants priced this much doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be compromising on quality. You can find a durable set from a high-end brand that’s under $40. However, the pants may come with fewer pockets. 
  • $50 to $100: Expect to find better-designed tactical pants as the price increases. Most come in a variety of colors, including camouflage and solid colors. They also have more pockets, including large side pockets and hidden pockets. 
  • $100 and up: Most tactical pants within this price range are not only waterproof but are designed to withstand all weather conditions and can be used in any terrain. They can be used for almost any kind of outdoor activity. 

Key Features 


The best tactical pants are made of tough ripstop material so they can resist wear and tear when exposed to rough surfaces and all kinds of abuse that come with the tactical environment. On top of that, the material should be lightweight and flexible so you can run, crawl, kneel, bend, or climb easily. 

Reinforced Design 

The pants should come with reinforcement at the high-stress areas such as the crotch area, knees, and pocket openings. This way, you can stretch out the pants and put them through rigorous situations without wearing them out. Extra padding on the fabric or double stitching can help to reinforce the material. 

Pocket Configuration

The tactical pants should come with multiple pockets to keep your gear organized, including zippered and open pockets. Zippered pockets help to secure tools that can’t be left exposed such as pocket knives, while open pockets are convenient for storing tools that need to be accessed quickly, such as tactical pens. Also, what’s better than multiple pockets are strategically-placed hidden pockets to help keep some items discreet. 

Other Considerations 

  • Color. Choose a color that best suits your tactical environment. For example, if you are out hunting, then you should choose camo colors that make you blend in with the environment. You can choose other regular colors if you only need them for regular outdoor activities such as mountaineering. 
  • Weather Resistance. You want a pair of weather-protected pants that are good in cold and warm weather alike. They should be breathable enough so you don’t sweat excessively and a moisture-wicking or quick-drying inner layer should help to keep you dry when you do sweat. The material should also keep you insulated in the cold or rain.  

Best Tactical Waterproof Pants Reviews & Recommendations 2021

Keep your pants fresh and dry when you venture into the tactical environment with Under Armor’s Men’s Tactical Enduro Pants. These pants are made of 100 percent polyester and ripstop fabric that resists ripping or tearing even when stretched out in the field. They are also designed with UA Storm technology that forces water to bead on the surface so you can shake it off. They have a low-profile pocket placement, and the front pockets are reinforced for durability. Offset belt loops allow for proper holster placement while an adjustable waistband provides a snug fit. Additionally, the pants are machine washable, and to help maintain their fresh appeal after you’ve cleaned them, they are integrated with anti-odor technology.

The tough construction helps to make the pants durable but it also sacrifices on a smooth feel. The pants can be quite noisy when you’re walking and the swishing noise may not make them ideal for hunting or situations when you need to sneak around undetected.

Considering the lightweight design and innovative fabric blend, Rdruko Lightweight Tactical Pants are a popular choice. Made of a composite of nylon and spandex, the pants provide a snug yet flexible fit. Closing with a button, the sturdy waist comes with a belt. Drying quickly if it is ever fully saturated with water, the textile holds its form well. Featuring durable stitching, the pants resist damage in areas prone to stress without compromising your range of motion. In keeping with tactical use, the pants feature multiple pockets for easy access to your gear. Ideally suited to outdoor excursions, these pants come either with thick material for cooler conditions and a thin option for lightweight requirements. 

Although the material is not entirely waterproof, it repels moisture while remaining comfortable and lightweight.

If you are looking for a pair of well-constructed tactical cargo pants for men, then you are going to want the Tru-Spec 24-7 Tactical Pants. The pants are made of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. This blend gives the pants a lightweight feel that’s ideal for everyday wear. The material is treated with a water-repellent coating so you can stay warm and dry even in harsh weather. They include a zipper closure and an adjustable slider waistband that provides a snug fit. At the knee area are inside openings for inserting knee pads while the waist includes 2-inch belt loops that can accommodate tactical belts. On top of that, it comes with multiple pockets, including deep front pockets, a pair of expandable back pockets, a pair of cargo pockets, and multiple hidden pockets for storing your weapons or EDC items. 

While the pants may feel lightweight, the material is still tough and not very breathable. They may feel too warm in the summer.

Featuring a sporty design and powerful protection against moisture, BenBoy Outdoor Waterproof Cargo Hiking Pants are great for the ladies. Made of a blend of polyester and spandex, the material is highly flexible due to its inherent elastic properties. This prevents ripping at the seams and affords a full range of motion. Best suited to sporting endeavors, the belt loop is strong enough to hold tactical gear without folding. Insulated for added comfort, these pants come with a water-repellent coat to keep you dry during your excursion. They come in a wide range of color choices to suit every style. Given their sturdy yet flexible design and potent water-resistant abilities, these are a solid choice for outdoor sports like hiking, skiing, and more. 

However, the sizes run small and may feel too snug around the hip area so you may want to consider going a size up.

Jessie Kidden's Men’s Outdoor Pants have an outer shell that’s made of 94 percent nylon and 6 percent spandex while the inner insulated lining is made of 100 percent polyester. The nylon layer is stretchable and treated with a waterproof coating so it repels water particles and oil stains while the inner layer is a warm fleece with moisture-wicking capabilities. Therefore, it keeps you warm and dry without sacrificing flexibility. Four large pockets and a pair of button-back pockets provide decent storage for your accessories. If you run out of room in the pockets, you can take advantage of the large belt loops to hang your extra gear. The waistband includes elastic bands on the side that provide a comfortable fit. Besides tactical missions, these pants are great for hunting, fishing, camping, mountaineering, and skiing.


However, the elastic band on the waist may allow the pants to slip down so consider purchasing a belt to go with these pants.


CQR Tactical Military Combat pants are a popular option for both workplace settings and casual activities. The pants breathe well and, if exposed to large amounts of water, dry off very quickly. Successfully preventing issues with fading and shrinking, the material doesn’t wrinkle, making it work-appropriate. With respect to the tactical applications, the pants incorporate wide belt loops to accommodate necessary gear. Featuring multiple pockets and strong stitching at the seams, the cotton and polyester blend resists damage from tearing. Durable yet flexible, these pants let you move comfortably, remaining dry in damp settings. Given the sleek appearance and self-sustaining materials, these are the best overall tactical waterproof pants. 

While not entirely waterproof, Duratex textile technology powerfully repels fluids. This same material adds product durability by keeping dirt and debris at bay. 

In terms of style, warmth, and waterproof abilities, Toomett Fleece-Lined Outdoor Pants are a great choice for women who get outdoors in the winter. The exterior fabric is a high-quality polyester for durability, while the interior fleece layer adds comfort. Helping you avoid dampness, the pants powerfully resist water making them ideal for outdoor situations. Featuring a flexible waist, the pants close with both a zipper and button for a firm fit. The sturdy belt loops support heavy gear without compromising the pants’ structure. Incorporating multiple, easily accessible pockets, these pants make it easy to keep essential gear close. Through the strong stitching and streamlined design, this product remains durable despite continual movement and heavy-duty use. Styled to accommodate the female form, these pants are both waterproof and aesthetically appealing, making them ideal for casual situations and outdoor activities.

However, the pants make a swishing sound as you walk so they may not be the best for the wild outdoors where you need to photograph animals or hunt game. However, you can use them for other activities. 

Offering comfortable wear and complete protection from moisture, Hard Land Waterproof Tactical Pants are an ideal option overall. Crafted using a unique blend of cotton, spandex, and polyester, these pants come treated with Teflon. This coating enables the fabric to thoroughly repel water, dirt, and debris. In terms of tactical performance, the pants feature large belt loops of just under three inches, enabling you to wear a tactical belt. The pants retain their structure despite the weight of holsters or other gear. Reinforce stitching at commonly stressed areas adds to the overall durability of these items. Flexible and well-ventilated, the pants offer a full range of motion with an elastic waist and forgiving joints. Considering their waterproof abilities, easy maintenance, and durable performance, these are excellent tactical pants overall. 

While they may come with fewer color selections than other products on our list, there are some decent options for the outdoors including olive green, charcoal gray, and black.


  • Be sure to purchase tactical pants that are tailored for the climate you will be wearing them in. When buying gear for colder climates, consider going a size up so you have enough room to wear a fleece or thermals underneath. 
  • Also consider purchasing a waterproof tactical vest, military boots, and other tactical gear so you can get full protection whenever you’re outdoors. 
  • If you are shopping online for tactical pants, read the customer reviews so you can know what to expect when you receive your pair. Customer reviews are a great resource on the quality and durability of the product. 
  • When organizing tools in your pants pockets, try to balance out their weight so your pants don’t feel heavy only on one side. If you have large tools, consider incorporating a tactical belt so you can attach them there. 


Q. Are all tactical pants waterproof?

Not all tactical pants are waterproof. Waterproof pants are treated with a coating that keeps the fabric from absorbing water. When shopping for waterproof pants, look out for tactical pants with Teflon or Durable Water Resistant (DWR) treatments.  

Q. How should tactical pants fit?

You don’t have to get a slim fit. You can get a pair of bulky pants so you can be more comfortable and have enough room to perform a full range of motion. 

Q. How do you wash tactical pants?

You should wash your tactical pants as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid shrinking them. However, most pants are machine washable. 

Q. Are tactical pants better than jeans?

If you need to work in harsh conditions with difficult terrain or inclement weather, then tactical pants are a solid choice, as they are designed to handle such conditions. You can choose jeans if you are only looking for casual everyday wear. 

Final Thoughts

The Under Armour Men’s Tactical Enduro Pants earns our top spot because they meet almost all your needs for waterproofing, durability, comfort, and gear storage. The pants also resist bad odors. If you aren’t looking to splurge on a pair of tactical pants, then consider the Rdruko Lightweight Tactical Pants. They are affordable, waterproof, and just as durable as most higher-priced tactical pants.

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