Best Transmission Jacks: Easily Lift Your Transmission

These top transmission jacks are a vital tool if you need to install a transmission

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PUBLISHED ON September 27, 2019

Proper tools are essential if you do a lot of work on your vehicle. A transmission jack, for example, is critical if you have to remove or install the transmission on your car or truck. It's a heavy-duty tool that's useful for both DIYers and professionals. Our buying guide highlights some of the best transmission jacks on the market.

  • Best Overall
    OTC 2,200 lb. Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack
    This 2,200-pound capacity jack has a low height for trucks with low ground clearance. It can be used on nearly all Class 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks.
    This jack is sturdy and very well-made. It features a swiveling pump handle that permits ease of operation in tight working spaces. A mounting adapter fits popular Eaton, Fuller, and RoadRanger transmissions.
    This jack is prohibitively expensive for some people. You don't need such a premium jack if you work on smaller vehicles.
  • Best Value
    Iglobalbuy 2 Stage 1100lb Adjustable Height Hydraulic Telescoping Transmission Jack
    This jack comes with a foot-operated pump and lifting pedal to help with positioning and alignment. It's rated for 1,100 pounds and comes with a telescopic, two-stage, hydraulic arm. It fits most transmissions.
    This heavy-duty steel jack is durable, very easy to assemble, and comes with a two-year warranty. You can make minute adjustments confidently and with ease. It's great for DIY jobs.
    The jack is a little short for tall hoists. Also, the instructions are not very thorough, and some of the parts, such as the castors, are are not made very well.
  • Honorable Mention
    Sunex 1/2-Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack
    This jack extends to a maximum height of 74 inches and has a foot-activated pump pedal. Lowered telescopic rams enable the transmission to be transferred from the jack to a work table.
    This jack is well built and sturdy. It includes an overload valve that prevents it from being used beyond its rated capacity. The base is stable, and the threads are well made.
    The jack may be shipped without a base plate or other parts. The clearance is very low, so it may not roll over certain lifts. It may also leak fluid.

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  • A good-quality transmission jack can double as a transmission stand. After you remove the transmission, you can fix it on the jack, and then put it back into your vehicle.
  • Consider purchasing a transmission jack that has a higher capacity than you need for your vehicle. That way, you can use it on various types of vehicles, including larger ones you may buy in the future.
  • Transmission jacks can be costly, but if you purchase a premium brand it will last an incredibly long time. You may want to spend more initially rather than buy an inferior product that doesn't last very long.
  • Be sure to purge a telescopic jack before you use it. It may get air inside of it during shipping. Typically, you can release the air by turning a screw on the jack a few times, pumping the foot pedal, and following a few other instructions.


Q: How do I use a transmission jack?

A: First, drain all the fluid out of the transmission and close the valve. Make sure it's centered on the jack platform, and strap a chain over it. Then line up the device, elevate it, find the proper angle, and then unhook the transmission and lower it down.

Q: Can I put an adapter on my floor jack to lift a transmission?

A: Yes. A floor jack transmission adapter works with a standard jack, so you don't have to purchase a separate tool. However, a floor jack with an adapter is much less maneuverable. It will also have fewer capabilities, such as a lower weight capacity, and it isn’t as reliable as a dedicated transmission jack.

Q: Can I use a transmission jack for other purposes?

A: Yes. Transmission jacks are quite versatile when it comes to car maintenance. You can use them to remove other heavy components in your vehicle, such as subframes, differentials, and driveshafts.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best transmission jack is the OTC 2,200 lb. Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack. It's a professional-grade jack that makes working on heavy-duty trucks much easier.

For a more budget-friendly and less heavy-duty option, consider the Iglobalbuy 2 Stage 1100lb Adjustable Height Hydraulic Telescoping Transmission Jack.