Runway Acceleration Testing A Techart GT Street R

Techart claims their modified 911 Turbo S will sprint from zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds, so will it?

byBradley Brownell|
Runway Acceleration Testing A Techart GT Street R

We, as an automotive culture, are reaching the zenith of possible acceleration figures. Between Tesla's insane four-wheel electric launches, Dodge's demonic wrinkle-wall rear slick tires, and Porsche's turbocharged all-wheel-drive PDK launch control face melting launches, a wicked fast 0-60 time is all of which are in the mid-to-low two-second range. A standard showroom stock 911 Turbo S is rated by Porsche to run a 2.8-second 0-60 time, but real-world testing has seen even a couple tenths lower. Techart, however, has taken that to a new low by adding a few horsepower to the equation. With 720 horsepower on tap, they say it can now hit the number in 2.5 seconds. 

Porsche's launch control, no matter the car, is a brutally simple affair. Pop the car in Sport+ mode, push the brake pedal with your left foot, and shove the accelerator pedal into the carpet with your right foot. That's it. That's all you have to do. The computer will level the engine off at about 6500 RPM, and once there you just let off of the brake pedal. Bang, like a bullet out of a gun, the car is gone and you've gone with it. They should probably just call it "Hang On" mode. 

In his most recent vlog, Shmee takes his loaner 991 Turbo S coupe-based TechArt GT Street R to a runway for a few acceleration runs. Luckily he has a VBox on hand to measure his times. On the first launch, the car runs a 2.6 second 0-60, but on the second run he nails the 2.5-second figure that TechArt claims. Shmee is a YouTube personality, he is not a racing driver, he is not a pro driver of any fashion, but even he can make this car hit its acceleration numbers. That's how good Porsche's computers work, they make driving heroes out of regular joes like you or me.