Polizei Report 001: The Dark Side of the Mille Miglia, Flying Cars, Isle of Man VR & Polizei Car Shopping

byAlex Roy| PUBLISHED May 16, 2016 2:08 PM
Polizei Report 001: The Dark Side of the Mille Miglia, Flying Cars, Isle of Man VR & Polizei Car Shopping

The Undercarriage of the Mille Miglia

I'm doing the Mille Miglia, and when I say I'm doing it, I mean I'm crashing it. With no preparation and no knowledge. I'm doing it backwards, meaning I'm doing it last, after the Gumball 3000, after Bullrun, Grand AM, the Baja 1000 and LeMons. Don't know what the MM is? It's the original dangerous road race, held in Italy, chock full of vintage cars, colorful characters, accidents and fatalities. I have a theory, and it's that the Mille Miglia is merely the old man's Gumball, and that although cars get old, sex and drugs never do. We're going to find out. Or die trying. (Mille Miglia)

Flying Cars Are Cool. Flying Cars Need Better Marketing.

And social media. And. And. And...I'd love to see the guys at Moller get off the ground. Literally and figuratively. I mean, who doesn't want flying cars? Hmmm. let me count. The FAA. The DHS. The FBI. The NYPD. NHTSA. Everyone. I highly recommend following their Twitter account, and by that I mean that of Jack Stewart, A.K.A. @SkyCar_Jack, Marketing Director of Moller International, A.K.A. The Flying Car Company.

Hey, SkyCar_Jack? Just change it to The Flying Car Company. Trust me.

He's been running a series of hilarious ads almost daily, each less convincing than the last. Hey, Moller, you don't need to convince ME to buy one. You have to convince the government to LET me buy one. Talk about a product that sells itself. (Moller.com)

Finally, a reason to race out and buy an Oculus Rift. Maybe.

Still waiting for the killer reason to invest in good Virtual Reality hardware? There's finally a reason, but hold your horses on the Oculus. The Isle of Man TT will be live broadcast in 360 video. Of course I'm going to watch it, I'm not sure how good the live broadcast part is going to be. There's barely enough connectivity in NYC to for Facebook live video streaming from my Morgan 3-wheeler. On the Isle of Man? In 360? Don't count on it. Save your money and get something cheap. (TheDrive.com)

Which Polizei BMW is best Polizei BMW?

Which of these BMWs would YOU rather use for Police work?


You know why there's no online poll? Because I already know the answer. We all do, and the actual Polizei agree with you. Yup, they don't like their new BMW 3-series wagons, and you don't need to be Nostradamus to know why. They're too small for real Polizei work, which requires no less than a 5-series. And there is no 5-series better than the E39. Why? Because...Polizei144A. My old car. Coming out of retirement. #Soon. (TheDrive.com)

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