VW Files Design Patent App for ID Buzz Electric Pickup Truck

Please, Volkswagen. We want it.

byVictoria Scott|
Patents photo

Volkswagen's ID Buzz is the retrofuturism we've been asking for, and new legal filings show that VW might be giving buyers a truck version, too. Auto Bild confirmed with the manufacturer that a patent application for a pickup variant of the van is the real deal, although there are no definite plans yet to bring it into production. It wouldn't be an unprecedented move, but it's one that's exciting nonetheless.

VW is no stranger to pickups, with the Rabbit pickup having established itself as a cult classic in the '80s, and the internationally available VW Amarok (based on the Ford Ranger) currently on sale pretty much everywhere but here. Heck, this wouldn't even be the first or only time that VW has based a pickup truck off one of its famous vans. Most of the Volkswagen T-series, dating all the way back to the 1960s T1, had a pickup variant of some form, including a lot of double-cab versions.

VW previously joked about giving the world a similar double-cab version of the ID Buzz before; indeed, the rendered image of the ID Buzz pickup above is from VW itself.

Here we are months later and VW has seemingly confirmed that, while the rendering is still just that, at least the patent app is real. According to Auto Bild, "VW Commercial Vehicles is checking to what extent there is a need" for the ID Buzz transporter. The Drive reached out to Volkswagen for any further clarification or comments but did not hear back in time for publication.

Even if this ID Buzz-based truck does become a reality, it might not mean anything for us in the United States. VW has already confirmed that Americans won't get the Amarok, and it's not even certain that we'll get the closed-roof cargo ID Buzz. Still, VW has toyed with the possibility of an electric truck as a way to gain market share in the U.S., so we can dream, right?

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