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This Company Will Sell You a Giant Foam An-225—and Many Other Planes—For RC Builds

With the real Antonov An-225 gone, honor its memory with a huge foam replica from AeroTetris.

I think any one of us with a mechanical inclination has always loved aircraft as much as we’re obsessed with cars. And if you were like me as a kid, you were always fascinated with RC airplanes, especially the kind that had miniature jet engines and complicated remotes. All of those builds need a starting point, and this giant foam replica of an Antonv An-225 Mriya is that start.

Granted, I don’t know much about building a model airplane, so I couldn’t tell you the exact mods you’ll need to craft to make this foam model a flyable RC plane. But the story is in the name: AeroTetris. The model is made up of 708 pieces of foam that need to be precisely assembled to make the scale An-225. Integrating flight controls and propulsion into the model is surely difficult, but it might be easier than starting from scratch, at least if the wings are actually shaped like an aerofoil.

The SR-71 model, pictured with model. AeroTetris

AeroTetris doesn’t just make the late An-225 model, the French company has a huge library of iconic aircraft from all countries. The legendary Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird is in the catalog, as well as the extremely cool-named Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack. The specialized and shortened Boeing 747SP model is in the library, as well as fighter jets from Saab and a strong lineup of MiG and Sukhoi fighter aircraft. It’s all very cool and not insanely expensive, with the An-225 model costing $433 plus shipping. Since it comes in pieces, it should ship light.

What is most bizarre about the models is the committed and almost unhinged usage of female models for nearly every single variant of aircraft. And I mean almost every single one. There’s a different woman for every aircraft. Whether that is a selling point or not is up to you. I think it’s a hysterical bit of camp that comes with every scale model.

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