Miami Flooding Drowned This Entire Garage of Supercars

Two Rolls-Royce Cullinans, a host of Ferraris and more were trapped as water poured in.
cars in flooded parking garage
Florida Corvette Owners Instagram

Hurricane season has barely kicked off in 2022 and South Florida is getting hit by heavy rains as a pre-party. Early last week, a C8 Corvette moonlighting as a submersible was spotted somewhere in the Miami-Dade area, and this week there’s a hard-to-watch video showing a garage full of flooded supercars.

In the clip posted by Instagram user Florida_Corvette_Owners, 10 or more cars with six-figure price tags are presumably stranded in an underground parking garage after rainstorm flooding. The Drive staff spotted two Rolls-Royce Cullinans (one potentially a Mansory), a C7 Corvette, a Ferrari 488, a Ferrari SF90, a Ferrari Roma, a Plymouth Prowler, a McLaren SLR, and a Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in the mix, all covered in post-flood muck. It’s painful to see it.

While the recent storm didn’t meet the required threshold to be classified as a tropical storm, it did wreak its fair share of havoc in downtown Miami. No word yet on the extent of the damage to this multimillion-dollar collection, but if I had to hazard a guess, none of this is going to be cheap to fix.

The bigger challenge for the owner or owners of these cars will be to constrain the entire description of what happened into a single box on the insurance form—perhaps use the back of the sheet to write that. After they finish that, I hope they find a garage on higher ground to avoid the next wipeout. Or at least get each car its own hurricane enclosure and ride it out. Then again, judging by the water level marks and the complete coverage of residual mud on the cars, there’s likely not much that could have saved them.

Just one new Cullinan costs $350,000 and up, so this is a catastrophic loss, all in all. Keep your eyes open for a flood sale soon.

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