Looks Like the New 2023 Honda Accord Is Borrowing the CR-V’s Style, Adding Google Maps

Here’s your first look at the 11th-gen Honda Accord. The car will come with hybrid power, the company’s biggest touchscreen, and phone-free Google Maps.

byChris Tsui|
Honda News photo

Is it just me, or is the imminent arrival of the new 2023 Honda Accord, like, irrationally exciting? Just me? OK. In any case, Honda is overhauling its venerable mid-size sedan for next year with a new design aligning closely with the new looks for the current Civic and new CR-V.

Honda released three teaser images of the 11th-gen Accord showing off the front, the back, and a snap of the infotainment touchscreen inside. Most major details remain locked away for now but the company confirmed that the sedan would come with hybrid power, the automaker's biggest-ever touchscreen spanning 12.3 inches, and built-in Google tech. You can spot tiles for built-in Google Maps à la Polestar and various GM products, and the ability to download apps from the Play Store in this car's native infotainment system.

This development comes as a bit of a surprise since Honda isn't really the first (or second, or third) manufacturer we think of when it comes to forward-thinking infotainment systems. It also bodes well for other Hondas going forward. The 2023 Accord may be the first Honda to conveniently get Google Maps built-in, but we'd be ultra surprised if it ends up being the last.

Other details we can see from the images include taillights that meet in the middle, a volume knob placed right below the touchscreen, and digital gauges that look very similar to the ones in the current Civic and CR-V. Judging from the images provided, it looks like the Accord will retain a conservative and classy look, although I'll reserve final judgment until I can confirm Honda has not saddled it with any silly Hyundai Elantra-esque style dents on its doors.

In any case, Honda says the 2023 Accord will get a full reveal next month. Stay tuned for more details and images then.

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