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Check Out These Weird Gifts for Your Car-Obsessed Loved Ones

No boring gifts this year.

Sure, you could give your favorite car fanatics something practical this holiday season. A Dometic portable fridge, for instance, a trunk organizer, or a fresh new set of jumper cables. A gift card to the local car wash wouldn’t be a bad idea. But why be traditional when you can find the extraordinary?

Here are a few idea to spice up your gifting this year.

Vintage Car Vibes Sweater

Hagerty’s colorful holiday sweaters are a great for parties this time of year, including this year’s snow globe theme. Now in its sixth iteration, the annual holiday sweater has been a staple in Hagerty’s catalog and will definitely spark conversation. I own one from a year or two ago featuring Santa flying through the skies in a DeLorean and I’m going to break it out soon. It’s so ugly, it’s fantastic.

Made of cotton and polyester, not itchy wool. For $79, it’s yours.

Dodge Hellcat Sweats

If you like the idea of having the word “Hellcat” splayed across your nether regions, these are the sweatpants for you. Spun from cotton and polyester, they’re surely comfortable, and a drawstring waist makes it easy to spool them out after a big holiday meal. “Raise Hell” is silkscreened along the sides of the pant legs, and a red-eyed Hellcat logo roars from the left upper leg.

They’re available in sizes small to 3XL and are $63.95 for each pair.

French Fry and Ketchup Holders

Road trip! Stopping at your favorite fast food restaurant almost surely means salty, greasy fries. Juggling fries and ketchup is impossible unless you have an extra set of hands, and I don’t mean your spouse or kid feeding them to you from the passenger seat. It’s much easier to slide the fry container into this cupholder-friendly device and squeeze your condiment of choice (mayo, anyone?) into the tiny tray.

I have no idea why this is labeled “car accessories for women” in the description, because my husband and son would be equally (if not more so) apt to use this. It’s $14.99 on Amazon.

To All the Cars I’ve Loved Before

Old cars never die… they’re immortalized in a custom set of sketches. Letterpress offers a framed set of three with drawings created from photos you upload from your personal collection. The set could include your first car, current car, and dream car or any combination you choose.

For $70, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Plush Mazda Miata Slippers

Miata fans groupies won’t mind that these fluffy slippers are bulky and chunky. Shaped like a first-generation Miata, the footwear sports iconic pop-up headlights and a smaller grille than the newest model. That means its expression resembles more of a “Huh?” face than the massive grin the 2023 version wears.

Check them out at Autoplush; $54.90 each.

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