UberPool Rider Suing Uber After Allegedly Being Slashed

A spokesperson with the ride-sharing company said that Uber does not “condone this type of behavior on our app.”

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Apr 6, 2017 11:37 AM
UberPool Rider Suing Uber After Allegedly Being Slashed

A woman is suing Uber after she was allegedly stabbed in the face by another passenger in her UberPool in Chicago, The Chicago Tribune reports. 

Jennifer Camacho, 25, was reportedly enjoying a night on the town with friends on January 30 when she ordered an UberPool to get home. Unlike most shared rides that Uber offers via its UberPool service, the Tribune reports this trip started (and ended) with Camacho getting slashed with a 3-inch blade by the rider in the front seat, 34-year-old Julie Ramer (pictured above). 

When Camacho entered the car, Ramer allegedly turned around and assaulted Camacho, the report says. This left the 25-year-old with what doctors say could be permanent scarring on her face, her lawsuit says via the Tribune

Ramer was arrested by the Chicago Police Department for misdemeanor battery causing bodily harm, according to Daily Mail

In her lawsuit, Camacho claims that Uber should be aware that its UberPool riders could potentially be aggressive with other riders, the report says. Because of Uber's alleged carelessness, Camacho is requesting more than $50,000 from the ride-hailing company to pay off her medical bills, loss of money from work, and as compensation for her distress, the Tribune reports. The victim is also looking to collect $100,000 from Ramer for battery and assault. 

"Uber is promoting a safe ride-share experience and is in the best position to make sure that its drivers and passengers are safe people," said Camacho's attorney, Bryant Greening, according to the report. "They should be providing training for drivers on how to deal with these types of situations and mitigate violence if it does occur."

Uber spokeswoman Kayla Whaling said over email to the Tribune that the company doesn't "condone this type of behavior on our app."