Part of Atlanta’s I-85 Highway Collapses Due to Out of Control Fire

The cause of the fire is unclear but it was hot enough to melt steel.

If you spend a majority of your day trolling the internet, you will see a common trend involving tanker fires underneath bridges. When a fire is fueled by gasoline whether it is from a tanker or your normal gas tank, temperatures can get high enough compromise a structure.

As we saw last night, a fire on Atlanta’s I-85 highway got hot enough to partially collapse the highway, rendering it impassable. After nearly an hour of burning, the overpass finally gave way. The thick black smoke could be seen from miles and the heat kept first responders and civilians at bay.

According to reports, Atlanta and Fulton County were placed under a state of emergency around 8pm last night due to the very serious traffic issue. I-85 is a lifeline to the city and a crucial highway for the transportation of goods. Russell McMurrey, Georgia’s Department of Transportation commissioner stated that investigators won’t be able to reach the scene until later this afternoon due to remaining heat pockets. Officials state over 225,000 vehicles travel over this overpass each day and an immediate solution is unclear.

We will be sure to keep you posted on any updates.