British Police Peep From Double-Decker Bus to Stop Texting and Driving

A super secret double-decker bus adventure is one way to crack down on distracted driving.

byMax Goldberg|
British Police Peep From Double-Decker Bus to Stop Texting and Driving

Well, that's creative. A British police department has been hiding out on top of double-decker buses in order to spy on drivers, in order to combat texting while driving and other dangerous infractions. 

Through the use of double-decker buses, Devon & Cornwall Police have been able to issue 130 tickets in just two days, according to The Daily Mail. Since drivers are not expecting officers to be in the buses looking at them, they can be more inclined to break the law and subsequently engage in dangerous behavior.

The officers are not using double-decker buses to pull over motorists. Instead, the cops inside the bus radio to nearby patrol cars, which then make the traffic stop.

Drivers were also caught speeding, not wearing their seat belts, not having insurance, and driving under the influence. 

The fine for using a phone while driving has recently jumped to £200 and six points on your license in Great Britain.

After just two days on the buses, the police racked up:

  • 39 cell phone infractions
  • 36 seatbelt infractions
  • 2 vehicles seized due to insurance issues
  • 53 speeding infractions
  • 2 driving under the influence arrests

Texting while driving is one of the lead contributors behind traffic accidents, especially among young adults, as it can lead drivers to take their eyes off the road for dangerous lengths of time. Considering the danger involved in distracted driving, it is extremely understandable to see the police  taking a zero tolerance policy with the matter.