Nauti-Craft's Crazy Boat Has a Hydraulic Suspension Between Hull and Deck

The passive reactive technology turns choppy waters into a glass-like ride.


Almost every boat out there has a deck directly connected to the hull—which means when it hits choppy waters are rough, the passengers suffer the consequences. Fortunately, a company called Nauti-Craft has invented a boat where the hull is divided into two pieces and connected to the deck via hydraulics. This creates what the company calls a “passive reactive system” that can work instantaneously to combat the harsh jolts and pitches of choppy waters.

The hydraulic structure underneath the vessel drastically dampens the boat’s pitch and roll, and allows for steady and smooth movement through the water. A multiple axis suspension system allows the boat to maneuver rapidly and dock in rough waters without significant movement. 

There is something of a downside to Naut-Craft's technology, though. Unfortunately, this new technology greatly increases the profile of the vessel and makes it rather ugly to look at. But if it translates into a more comfortable ride, we're guessing most passengers would be okay with that.