Acura Giving New NSX Owners the Chance to Help Build Their Supercars

Thanks to the NSX Insider Experience, buyers can tour Acura's Ohio factory and even place the badges on their car.

Owning an Acura NSX is an adventure and privilege in its own right, but touring the factory where your beloved car is built is definitely a nice additional touch. Acura is now offering a “NSX Insider Experience” where future NSX owners can tour the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio, where the 2017 Acura NSXs are built.

New owners will have the opportunity to watch the build process and even put the badging on their own car. They will also be able to speak with the men and women working on the assembly line and ask them questions pertaining to the build process.

However, the experience doesn’t come cheap. The base package starts at $995 and can quickly climb in price with the addition of touring the engine factory in Anna, Ohio and doing the performance driving experience held at the Transportation Research Center. The performance driving experience comes in two- and four- hour sessions, so it is not as comprehensive as Cadillac’s V-Performance Lab, but it’s still a nice touch.