Putting Chains on a Massive Front-End Loader’s $60,000 Tires Isn’t Easy

You though putting chains on your car was a pain in the neck? Try being responsible for a Caterpillar designed to handle tons of fiery debris.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED Feb 14, 2017 1:39 PM
Putting Chains on a Massive Front-End Loader’s $60,000 Tires Isn’t Easy

Putting chains on your personal vehicle or work truck can be a pain in the butt...but nothing compares to putting Pewag chains on a Caterpillar 9940 Wheel Loader. Each tire on this massive vehicle cost around $60,000, so it's not surprising to hear companies that own these are investing big money in chains to protect their tires.

Putting Chains on a Vehicle this Size is an All Day Event

But when you are installing chains on one of the largest construction vehicles in the world, you better expect to spend a lot of time on the task. As you can see in the video below, the process of installing the chains is very methodical. Due to the size of the chains, each step needs to be carefully thought out in advance as it is extremely difficult to move the heavy chainmail.

Once all the sheets are connected and secured, the Cat rolls over the chainmail and a worker begins securing the chains to the tire. Eventually all four tires are secured and the Caterpillar’s tires have a nice sheath around them, enabling to to plow through fiery debris without concern.