Watch Two BMWs Wreck On The Mexican F1 Racetrack

Miraculously, both drivers survived.

byMax Goldberg|
Watch Two BMWs Wreck On The Mexican F1 Racetrack


If you get the opportunity to drive around the Mexican Grand Prix track, you should immediately seize the opportunity and not ask questions. But before you begin your high-speed journey around the famous track, be sure to check your car thoroughly.

In a video posted by Camus Daniel, you can see several BMW M3s barrel down the front straight before coming to a sharp corner. Unfortunately the operator of a blue M3 sedan come out of nowhere and absolutely obliterate the rear passenger side of a black BMW M3 coupe. Both cars go careening off the track in a plume of smoke, shrapnel and twisted Bavarian metal.

Due to the extremely high approaching speed, it is hard to believe that the driver misjudged a turn that badly. According to the Youtube poster, the driver of the blue BMW experienced some form of break failure and was unable to slow down. That sounds like an absolutely terrifying experience since all participants we exiting the longest straight in Formula 1.

Fortunately, the Youtube poster noted that both drivers miraculously walked away with any serious injuries after the violent accident. That is great to hear since it is possible that neither car had a rollcage.

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