Watch a Drone Explore an Abandoned Cooling Tower

Drones can take you anywhere.

byMax Goldberg|
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Drones are so prevalent now there are few places left unexplored. In this case, we get to see the inside of a massive abandoned cooling tower.

From what we can tell, the towers have been inactive for a significant period of time and appear to be easily accessible on foot. However, the drone does a fantastic job of displaying the sheer size of each structure. Through a series of acrobatic maneuvers and ascents, the drone operator thoroughly explores the tower and shows off his drone skills.

Drones have allowed us to get up close and personal with plenty of hard to reach places, but it is important for operators to confirm the legality of their flight before embarking. We all get curious about places we can’t normally access but it is totally not worth getting a ticket or arrested for.

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