6×6 Ram TRX Wrecked As Big Jump Goes Badly Wrong

Plan your jumps if you want your truck to survive the landing.

byLewin Day|
RAM News photo

YouTubers The Triple F Collection managed to destroy a Ram TRX six-wheeler in a single jump gone wrong.

The vehicle used for the jump was the Apocalypse Warlord. The jacked-up pickup is built on a Ram TRX as a base, tuned to output 797 horsepower for maximum shenanigans. It's then given a 6x6 drivetrain capable of full-time six-wheel-drive, rolling on 37" tires for an aggressive stance.

The gang had successfully landed jumps in the Warlord many times prior to the crash. An earlier video shows the Warlord handling the jumps with aplomb, with the only issue being a driveshaft joint that slipped out when the suspension was at its lowest drop. The truck was able to reliably take the jump at 30 mph without damage.

The dirt jump was made higher for the latest video, and that's where things went wrong. The truck was driven at the same speed of 30 mph, which was too slow to hit the landing ramp properly. Instead, the truck nosed down over the jump, plowing into the dirt.

The front end of the truck was badly damaged, with front wheels akimbo and panels punched in. The steering and suspension will need a total rebuild, with some frame damage likely as well. The landing was also hard enough to switch the infotainment system from music mode to the Bluetooth configuration page.

Thankfully, the occupants didn't suffer any permanent or serious injuries. It was a hard hit, though, and the passenger is clearly suffering some pain in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

Had the landing ramp been lower, the crash may have been avoided. Alternatively, hitting the jump at a higher speed might have allowed the truck to clear the jump cleanly. Doing the calculations beforehand can help ensure a jump is a success. Of course, doing it by eye is fine if you're willing to risk your expensive truck in the process.

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