Is Renault Looking to Build Waze Directly Into Cars?

The French automaker announces a partnership with the traffic helper.

byAaron Brown|
Is Renault Looking to Build Waze Directly Into Cars?

C'est un marriage intéressant. Renault has announced it is partnering with Waze, a first step in a relationship that could see the traffic-fighting navigation software directly integrated into future models.

The French carmaker is showing off a Waze-equipped Android Auto prototype setup at the Paris Motor Show this week, giving show visitors a chance to sample the maps in all their glory. Of course, the cars wouldn't be moving, which kind of takes away from the whole hands-on testing thing, but hey. (Android Auto is not yet available on Renault models.)

In addition to prototyping Waze on Android Auto this week's auto show, Waze will be using Renault-branded map pins to display French electric car chargers on its app to honor the launch of the new ZOE electric car.

Since the announcement of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Waze users everywhere have been begging to allow the in-car infotainment systems access to the map app, which uses network data to determine traffic patterns and reroute drivers on the fly. In May, Google—which owns Waze—announced that the software was finally coming to Android Auto.

But that could be just the start. Reports from multiple Israel-based media outlets have stated the move is the first step in a plan to integrate Waze directly into future Renault vehicles. Obviously, having Waze built into a car's navigation system could make life easier for users of the app while on the road. Doing so could make the system easier to use, minimizing complications and allowing it to better work with the car's own systems and controls.

The carmaker's own press release is worded rather vaguely, leaving plenty of room to suggest there could be plans for Renault to adopt Waze into its own homegrown infotainment software. That said, for now, it remains conjecture.

The Drive has contacted Renault for comment on this matter and will update this story if we hear back.