Watch a School Bus Catch Fire Moments After 20 Kids Safely Exit

Thankfully, no one was harmed.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Sep 13, 2016 7:26 PM
Watch a School Bus Catch Fire Moments After 20 Kids Safely Exit

Thanks to quick actions taken by one heroic bus driver, 20 kids were saved on Monday when their school bus caught fire in Maryland.

Twenty students from Glen Arden Woods Elementary School were onboard their school bus Monday afternoon in College Park, Maryland when their ride home erupted in flames. One witness to the blaze shared on Facebook that the driver, Reneita Smith, pulled each student from the burning bus one at a time before braving the flames a final time to confirm no child had been overlooked. "I am a mom of two kids. It's my job to save them," Smith reportedly said.

In a dashcam video from a police car uploaded to YouTube by the public affairs officer for the county, it's apparent how severe the fire quickly became. By the time first responders arrived on the scene, the bus was completely engulfed in flames, smoke billowing everywhere. The officer notes that no one was injured and "the fire originated near one of the rear wheels and extended throughout the bus." The official cause is still undetermined. Watch the horrifying video below.