Volvo P1800 Cyan: New Photos Show This Flawless Restomod Racer Inside and Out

The 420-hp engine from a modern Volvo touring car is just the start.

byMáté Petrány| PUBLISHED Nov 6, 2020 1:38 PM
Volvo P1800 Cyan: New Photos Show This Flawless Restomod Racer Inside and Out

In 1961, the original Volvo P1800 started out as a rear-drive 2+2 coupé powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder connected to a four-speed manual. Some six decades later, Volvo and Lynk & Co motorsport specialist Cyan Racing decided to merge Pelle Petterson's iconic exterior design with the technology of their championship-winning Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 touring car from 2017. The result is the Volvo P1800 Cyan, the 420-horsepower carbon fiber restomod P1800 of our nordic dreams. Now, Cyan Racing goes into detail on why it put thousands of engineering and design hours into this project, only to create one of the rawest sports cars we've seen in years.

According to Cyan Racing design chief Ola Granlund, having decided on the carbon body we first spotted in July, they came up with an interior that is "a delicate interpretation" of the '60s original. Features include a leather-clad titanium roll cage, racing seats, racing harnesses and bespoke digital instruments with a clear nod to the P1800's round gauges. Cyan also threw in a Momo Prototipo steering wheel and a classic knob on that helical-cut, dogleg five-speed stick. Under the carpets, the steel chassis is triangulated for stiffness with bonded carbon fiber components above a widened track. While at it, Cyan went as far as repositioning the greenhouse.

With a redesigned look and reprogrammed ECU for a more linear torque delivery, the 2.0-liter VEA Volvo four-cylinder from the S60 touring car is still peppy at 420 horsepower and 335 pound-feet. Placed longitudinally instead of transversely like in the S60 TC1, it's connected to a five-speed manual with a single mass steel flywheel, a carbon fiber prop shaft and a limited-slip differential. With the P1800 Cyan's curb weight figure standing at 2,182 pounds, you can imagine what this race-derived powertrain can do.

Needless to say, the wider track is only the beginning. With no ABS, brake booster or traction control onboard, Cyan talks about delivering "an unfiltered driving experience reminiscent of the '60s," but with modern-day performance. The chassis now features rack and pinion steering as well as independent double-wishbone suspension all around with two-way adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars, Cyan hydraulics and bespoke aluminum uprights.

Cyan's head of engineering Mattias Evensson adds that with this fully adjustable suspension, the P1800 can be set up however the customer wants it, "be it a more track-focused car, or one that will be predominantly used for enjoying your favorite canyon roads, or for just visiting your local barista.”

Perhaps just stay away from the drive-thru coffee with this one.

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