Tesla Model 3 Gets Rugged with Aftermarket Off-Road Package from Delta4x4

Safari Tesla? Safari Tesla.

byJesus Garcia| PUBLISHED Jul 19, 2020 1:08 PM
Tesla Model 3 Gets Rugged with Aftermarket Off-Road Package from Delta4x4

After a Norwegian client requested a lift kit so his Tesla Model 3 could handle Northern Europe's terrain better, German tuning company Delta4x4 has developed an off-road package that may put all those Safari 911 owners on notice.

Delta4x4 has been designing aftermarket off-road accessory concepts for off-road vehicles since 1980 and took this request as a challenge to create something both functional and visually appealing to Tesla owners. If Delta4x4 sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen their premium wheels fitted on Simone Giertz's “Truckla” that went viral last year.

The off-road package consists of a 35 mm body lift kit to raise the Model 3 and fit 8.5x18 inch Klassik B wheels wrapped in 245/45/18 all-terrain Cooper tires. The lift kit gives the Model 3 an additional 40 mm (1.6 inches) of ground clearance. That may not sound like much to us Yanks, who are used to seeing lift-kits from three-inch to the ridiculous on Jeeps and pickup trucks, but the Tesla Model 3 wasn’t designed with Moab in mind.

This off-road package gives the Tesla Model 3 a rugged look while providing drivers with an added sense of confidence when the weather gets bad. They may not be able to rock climb, but you’ll be able to have fun in the mud with all-wheel drive instant torque spinning a set of off-road tires.

According to Delta4x4, their 35mm lift kit for the Tesla Model 3 costs $548 (480 Euros), plus the set of 18-inch Klassik B wheels that cost $2,857 (2500 Euros) not including painting or assembly if necessary. 

Beyond capability, this off-road package offers Tesla owners who want to modify their car a choice that doesn’t involve slamming it to the ground.