Owner Protects Smart Car from Hurricane Dorian by Parking in His Kitchen

He was afraid "his car might blow away," according to his wife.

As Hurricane Dorian threatens to hit the State of Florida, many homeowners along the storm’s path have chosen to batten down the hatches rather than evacuate. One particular family did just that⁠—but quickly ran out of room when it came time to protect their cars⁠—so they simply invited their Smart car over for dinner.

With the risk for damage increasing by the day and nowhere else to shield their beloved ride from the impending weather, Jessica and Patrick Eldridge opened their Jacksonville, Florida home to their most recent vehicle acquisition: a new-to-them Smart ForTwo. And of course, they decided to upload the hilarious photos to Facebook.

In case you’re wondering, the kitchen wasn’t the first spot that the family decided to store the car, especially given their two-car garage. However, the garage was already full with the other two family vehicles: a Nissan Titan and Dodge Challenger. Call us crazy, but we don’t think either of those would’ve fit in the kitchen.

Jessica’s Facebook post pokes fun at her husband’s antics, stating that he parked the car in the house to avoid it blowing away. But make no mistake—Hurricane Dorian is a powerful storm. Officially a Category 2 hurricane, Dorian could produce winds upwards of 110 miles per hour, making it possible to uproot trees and break windows. Fortunately for the family, Dorian isn’t expected to make a drastic splash in Jacksonville, but rather slingshot around the coast and make landfall in the Carolinas, according to The Weather Channel.

After the devastating impact that this particular storm left in the Bahamas, more than two million people across Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina were urged to evacuate. If time permits, preparing for a storm like Dorian can be crucial—and making smart choices to protect your home and vehicles could mean less of a headache down the road.

While we appreciate the hilarious photos of a Smart car parked in a kitchen, we wish the Eldridges and everyone else in Dorian’s path nothing but the best.